Amputee support group forms in Sun City

A support group for amputees or people facing an amputation has recently formed in Sun City. The Sun City Amputee group provides amputees and their families with an opportunity to talk to other amputees, share experiences and ideas, and get questions answered regarding the amputation or prosthetic devices.

Dave Melrose, of Sun City, is the group’s president and Richard Vela is the groups’ vice president. Melrose, a recent amputee, is leading the group as a way to help others face what he faced. “I was shocked when I learned that my diabetes complications had gotten so serious. I procrastinated, and when I finally went to see my podiatrist, I was sent to the emergency room immediately. Three days later, my left leg was gone.”

The Process

Many people facing the loss of a limb often feel anxious and very alone. We can help.

Our team can help you through the process. Before surgery, contact our office to arrange a pre-surgical evaluation. There is no cost for this service. Our administrator will review insurance and co-pay information and you will receive a consultation with one of our experienced prosthetists who can alleviate your fears and prepare you for what lies ahead.

After your surgery, your prosthetist will help you with the healing process and begin your prosthetic care. It is important that you feel free to ask any questions and share any concerns with your prosthetist so you receive maximum benefit from your prosthesis. Every amputation is different and the shape of the residual limb is uniquely yours, so your prosthesis will be custom made to meet your needs. Your prosthetist will spend hours and days with you during the fitting process and for the rest of your life.

Many patients return to an active, vibrant lifestyle and find there is life after an amputation.

For more information contact (602) 395-3354

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