resting hand splintResting Hand Splint
Basic to the use of any orthosis are factors such as prevention of deformity by proper positioning of weakened segments, control or stabilization of joints proximally to those activated or prevention of substitution. Orthoses may also be used to correct present deformities. They are both therapeutic and functional.



carpal tunnel splintCarpal Tunnel Splint
The Carpal Tunnel Splint effectively limits wrist flexion and extension during repetitive hand motion, helping heal the effects of carpal tunnel syndrome. Now using power tools, typing, playing musical instruments and other activities that cause repetitive stress trauma to the hands can be done without worrying about the effects of carpal tunnel.



rom locking elbow splintROM Locking Elbow Brace
The Range of Motion (ROM) Post Op Elbow Brace immobilizes the elbow and limits the amount of flexion and extension possible. The hinge is designed to limit the elbow joint from extending further once it has reached a certain degree. This is done to protect the soft tissue of the elbow joint and allow it to heel after surgery or injury and to not allow the elbow joint to re-injure in the same way. This means that a post-op elbow brace can be worn before and after surgery for maximum protection.



sormiento clam shell fracture braceSormiento Clam Shell Fracture Brace
The unique Sarmiento brace can be a great option for treating a humeral shaft fracture immediately following an injury or after the removal of a cast. The circumferential tissue compression provided by the Sarmiento humeral fracture brace controls the segments of one’s upper arm bone so that it can heal correctly. But the functional nature of the Sarmiento fracture brace can help one’s arm to recover fully. The humerus fracture brace comes with a sling to support the arm and two stockinette sleeves.



donjoy ultrasling 3 shoulder ImmobilizerDonjoy Ultrasling 3 Shoulder Immobilizer
The premium quality UltraSling III series offers breathable, mesh fabric and thermoformed padding for greater comfort and patient compliance. For use after initial anterior shoulder dislocation or post operatively when external rotation is desired The anterior part of the capsule hangs loosely during internal rotation and the labrum is able to displace medially. In external rotation, the subscapularis tendon tightens thus closing the anterior joint cavity and helping the labrum maintain a good position on the glenoid rim.