rebound hip braceRebound Hip Brace
Ossur’s Rebound Hip brace delivers gentle controlling forces and effective functional ROM restriction in extension/ flexion and abduction/ adduction to promote optimal post-surgical outcomes. The low-profile, lightweight design supports patient comfort and compliance. The universal frame and softgood are easy to stock, assemble and quickly fit.

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3 hip abductor orthosis3 Hip Abductor Orthosis
The Newport 3 Hip Orthosis has been the industry standard for over a decade. Innovations like the patented clamping disks, allowing precise contouring of the pelvic section and the Universal Virtual Joint, which provides unprecedented strength in a small component, have made the Newport Hip Orthosis the most popular choice for physicians, orthotists, and patients, worldwide.

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design sleeq flex tlsoSleeq Flex TLSO
The Townsend Sleeq Flex brace offers all of the benefits of the leading LSO products in a TLSO that maximizes patient comfort, control and compliance. High quality, lightweight & breathable materials along with well padded shoulder straps make donning and doffing a cinch. The versatile telescoping thoracic extention insures a proper fit, improving patient compliance and outcomes.

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townsend design sleeq aplTownsend Design Sleeq APL
The Townsend Sleeq APL brace is an enhanced profile LSO that provides the same great compression and pain relief as its Sleeq family members. Sleeq APL includes rigid side panels that increase lateral support for patients requiring additional stabilization as part of their treatment. The Sleeq APL can fit the vast majority of patients with a single model. Its elegant in design, easy to use, and offers best-in-class comfort for improved patient compliance and outcomes.



townsend design sleeq ap+Townsend Design Sleeq AP+
The Townsend Sleeq AP+ is an enhanced profile LSO that provides compression and support for low back conditions ranging from pain relief to stabilization for operative treatment. The Sleeq AP+ fits the vast majority of patients with only a single model, dramatically reducing the hassle and cost of unwanted inventory.



ossur miami lumbar tlsoOssur Miami Lumbar TLSO
The Miami Lumbar spinal orthosis is an easy-to-use brace designed for pain relief, the protection of injured ligaments or muscles and post-surgical immobilization. A TLSO attachment can be used for maximum immobilization. As patients progresses through different levels of healing, they can step-down the TLSO to a standard LSO brace, or remove the ATE and add the optional axillary shoulder straps to the PTE. Whatever level of immobilization, the Miami Lumbar TLSO accommodates at every step.



ossur lumbar posteoOssur Lumbar Posteo
Carefully designed with patient comfort and compliance in mind, the Miami Lumbar Posteo provides functional and comfortable relief of vertebral fracture pain, facilitating a return to mobility. The lumbar compression system delivers active vertebral offloading and a better grip of patient’s hips. The cold-moldable aluminum PTE provides optimal stabilization with ideal anatomical fit. The Miami Lumbar Posteo also features an innovative approach to ease of use and consistent donning through its hookable axilla.



ottobock hyperextention orthosisOttobock Hyperextention Orthosis
Pelvic band spring feature accommodates a seated position without sacrificing support. Fitting slide adjustments are infinite within their range; screws don’t have to be removed completely when modifications are needed. Features include: trunk support that facilitates pain relief, easy-to-use thumb loop closure that assist patients with dexterity challenges, and powder-coated frame that resists corrosion.



aspen vista cervical collarAspen Vista Cervical Collar
The Vista Cervical two-piece telescoping collar improves patient care while saving time, money and storage space. With its innovative height adjustment technology, the Aspen Vista is really six collars in one. The right size is always at hand, reducing storage and inventory costs, while improving patient care.



aspen vista ct04Aspen Vista CT04
The Vista CT04 is designed to provide motion restriction throughout the cervico-thoracic spine and can easily be stepped down to the Vista CTO then Vista MultiPost to support the progression of care. Significant motion control is provided in all three planes of motion—flexion/extension, lateral bending and axial rotation. Even while providing this level of motion restriction, the Vista CTO4 is comfortable for the patient to wear, padded at all contact points, helping to ensure compliance.